Race and Ethnicity

Why Katniss Everdeen is a Woman of Color

Feels About Western Portrayals of Mulan Post-Disney

The Nightmare Before Christmas as a Metaphor for Cultural Appropriation

The Glorification of White Crime

New study puts numbers to the lack of minority representation in film

Star Wars and the 4 Ways Science Fiction Handles Race

The world of black cosplay: discrimination, rejection, invisibility of the black cosplaying community

White America’s racial illiteracy: Why our national conversation is poisoned from the start

Vive la Révolution: Our Love/Hate Relationship With Violent Rebellion


Steven Universe and the Necessity of POC-coded Pearl

Define Black


The PTSD of My Blackness

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Black Lives Matter’s first science fiction film


Hollywood’s Best Asian Roles Still Go To White People

Waking Up White: And Finding Myself in the Story of Race

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