Published Articles and Interviews

What’s the Deal With FLCL? (All Otaku Online)

6 Underappreciated Anime (All Otaku Online)

In Defense of Dubs (All Otaku Online)

The Transformation of the Magical Girl Genre and What it Means to be a Girl (All Otaku Online)

Fan Culture Shoutouts in Orange is the New Black (All Otaku Online)

A Plurality of Canons: Getting Comfortable With Spin-offs, Adaptations, and Remakes (All Otaku Online)

The Cones of Dunshire and Normalizing Geek (The Ontological Geek)

Tradition vs. Tech? Saving the Internet and Saving the World in Summer Wars (The Ontological Geek)

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Fusion: Mysterious Unity in Steven Universe (The Ontological Geek)

A World Cut From One Cloth: Personal Sin and Systemic Sin in Kill la Kill (The Ontological Geek)

First Impressions: Opening Sequences and Audience Expectations (The Ontological Geek)

Her Eternal Moonlight: Sailor Moon’s Female Fans in North America, An Unauthorized Examination by Steven Savage and Bonnie Walling

  • I was one of the interviewees for this book.

Theology and Revolution in Hamilton (The Ontological Geek)

Reclaiming By Erasing (LGBTQ Reads)

Between Two Worlds (UCC Proyecto de Gracia y Bienvenida)

How Are You Checking Into This Space? (UCC Proyecto de Gracia y Bienvenida)

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