AT Drafting & FDAD Revisions #1

Well! I’ve had a slow month for various reasons, but now I’m balancing drafting my next WIP with revising FDAD and…I really hope revising won’t take as long as drafting. Though the beginning has the most things I need to fix so maybe it’ll go faster later.

I actually do like revising. I know my MC so much better now than I did before and I know exactly where the story’s going, so I can bring to the surface all the foundations and hints that I need to. It’s pretty great. I definitely find it true that revising/editing is where the book really gets made.

Switching gears, though, what can I say about my new WIP? Well, its codename is AT and it’s a contemporary, new adult story that takes place during Holy Week and has a queer progressive Christianity aesthetic (literally no one is surprised by this fact). This is basically a brand new draft of the story, though it’s technically a second draft. Some things I like about it:

  • s y m b o l i s m
  • a good chunk of my church conference experience is relevant to the story
  • ghost
  • friendship was magic, but now it’s sad
  • referencing mewithoutYou without ever saying it explicitly

I’ve struggled with drafting this one, though, because the concept is more serious/sad than FDAD. FDAD feels like a fun shonen anime most of the time (with great amounts of drama) while AT feels like one of those 13-episode, bittersweet shows. So when bad things happen in the wolrd or I’m just not in the best place mentally, drafting AT isn’t cathartic or like an escape. Maybe that’ll change (I hope it does so I can get it done faster).

Until next time!

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