I’m On Goodreads!

I know, it only took me 600 years to get an account.

Feel free to add me!

Also, I think the time has finally come for me to get a Kindle. I still love print books, but I don’t have room for all of them. Mostly, I want to buy ebooks of my used books (because buying used books does not directly support authors) and buy nonfiction books that are otherwise huge tomes, or expensive.

A lot of the used nonfiction books I have actually aren’t available on Kindle, so I’m stuck there, but I still have a list of 15 ebooks that I’m gonna buy to replace the print versions and/or buy to pay the author.

I’m leaning hard toward the Paperwhite since I don’t want a tablet. Theoretically, I could just read on my phone and that’s what I’m doing for now, but the phone screen is a bit too small.

I absolutely still have print books and will continue to read them, but I know a lot of theology is in my future and I don’t necessarily want to have a 600 page book about Dietrich Bonhoeffer sitting in a stack on my already full bookcase. Plus, I should be able to sync everything to my desktop and that’ll be super helpful when I’m looking to cite something in a blog post.

I’m gonna attempt to keep to a biweekly schedule here. Between work, kung fu, and church commitments, I have a lot going on every day of the week and need to reconfigure my writing time.

Over on Tumblr, I’m taking fiction prompts to celebrate 100 followers. Send me one! Otherwise, I’ll just keep finding prompts on my own.

Finally, I need to plug this Sailor Moon book called Her Eternal Moonlight. It examines the impact Sailor Moon has had on women in North America and is a great nostalgia trip for all of us 90s kids. I’m one of the many interviewees and plan on writing up more detailed thoughts once I read it. On my Kindle. That I’m gonna buy.

Anyway, be my friend on Goodreads, send me fiction prompts, and check out the Sailor Moon book. Good talk, team.


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