Anime Challenge #3: Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed

In my life, I’ve had some things for which I am sorry, but my enjoyment of any anime series is not one of them. I’ve moved past the shame and just accepted that I am trash for certain genres. I’ve already explained that I am Kill la Kill trash, but now you all get to know that I am also yuri trash.


So, when Sakura Trick came out last year, I knew from the very start that it was nothing but pandering, moe, shoujo-ai fluff in the vein of K-ON and Lucky Star only with overt queer romance instead of subtext. I’ve taken my dig at Sakura Trick and yuri series in general, but I did actually enjoy every stupid second of this yuri moefest. Will there be a season 2? Who knows? But if there is, I will watch the episodes week by week and probably hyperventilate at every kiss because in this show, my OTP is very very canon.

I am at once sorry for falling prey to the wiles of yet another siren in the moeblob ocean, but I am also not sorry because even cheap chicken nuggets from the grocery store can be a stellar treat, if you catch my drift.

Plus, Sakura Trick has saved anime.

Next: Saddest anime scene


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