Well, look who got tagged for a neato blog award.



I don’t ever have occasion to make posts like this, but Jeanette S Andersen has passed this along to me and I am forever thankful. How nice and wonderful! I feel like a slightly more important person on the internet now that I can display this cute badge on my blog.

As per the rules, I now have to give 7 random facts about myself. Trust me, they’re gonna be pretty random.

1) I love insulting my dog when I’m home alone

I can’t be the only person who does this. Do you know how fun it is to don your cute voice and say the most vile things to your pets only to watch them wag their tails in pure bliss? So fun. It’s hilarious and it won’t stop being hilarious for a long time.

2) I hate mushrooms with the passion of 1,000 flaming suns

Nothing bothers me more than walking around my yard and seeing giant mushrooms everywhere. Their mere existence throws me into a fit of blind rage equivalent to the Hulk’s. If I’m wearing shoes, I kick those mushrooms so hard that they’d be idiots to try and grow back. You know what’s cool about going to bed at night with a clean yard and waking up the next morning to a herd of mushrooms in your grass? Nothing. These mushrooms are RUDE and they deserve a smashing death.

3) Despite my nerdery (just made that up. I’m cool), I’m really into a couple mainstream things like the Olympics and the Oscars

I typically hate sports. There’s not much that interests me about men chasing balls in a variety of outfits with different rules for each context. That’s what most televised and popular sports are. The Olympics is a break from that because we get to see stuff on TV that we don’t normally see. Plus, there’s generally a more equal representation of race, gender, and all that good stuff. That doesn’t mean NBC is without its problems in the way it feeds us Americans the Olympics, but at least it’s a break from the norm. Also, when we get the winter Olympics, we get Curling, which is literally the best sport in the entire world.

As for the Oscars, I’ve become a bit more of a film buff over the past couple years, but only a bit. I watched almost every summer movie back in 2010, so when the 2011 Oscars came around, I actually had opinions and feelings about the awards. Plus, a couple of my good friends in college were very much into the Oscars and watching the show with them was a blast. That being said, I haven’t been able to see every major film in the past year (I’m still missing out on Brave and The Dark Knight), but thanks to a 4-year English degree, I can analyze just about anything and form an educated opinion about it.

4) The Facts of Life is my favorite 70s/80s sitcom

I cannot overemphasize how much I love this show and how it was a good 30% of my childhood. In 5th grade, I was obsessed and I’m still not sorry about it. If you don’t know what The Facts of Life is, look it up and thank me later.

5) I’ve been as far east as China, but never farther west than Wisconsin

6) I’ve been playing guitar for 8 years

7) I’ve been on the local news before

There you have it! 7 fun facts. I’m supposed to tag 15 people to pass this on to, but honestly, I don’t think I even follow 15 blogs (I’m lame, I know).

Oh, and on a slightly unrelated note, my recent inactivity has been due to starting my new job and needing to adjust a little to not having all the time in the world to derp around on the internet anymore.


6 thoughts on “Well, look who got tagged for a neato blog award.

  1. Congrats on the award (and the new job)! Also…you had me cracking up with number one. 😛

    ALSO…The Facts of Life was awesome. On an off note, I had an hour-long conversation once with Lisa Whelchel’s (Blair) real life mom once. Kind of a strange experience.


    1. That is all kinds of fantastic. I feel like you somehow end up talking to the most interesting people. A couple weeks ago, I discovered that the Hub shows 2 hours of The Facts of Life every Thursday. I’m not kidding when I say I almost cried.


  2. Congratulations, Taylor, on your Lovely Blog Award. I thought you were so cool, and now I realize how nerdy you really are, but that’s ok, I think. Maybe you have to be that way to earn such a super award. I’m trying to think of something complimentary to say to butter you up for my book reviews. I’m sure you’ve heard it all, so I’ll just say you should host a late night talk show with that comedian streak you’ve got going. You’re a funny guy, even if you are nerdy and cool.


    1. Haha, thank you Jo! I do love me some wit and sarcasm. By the way, I’m a little over 50 pages into the first book and I honestly do like it so far. I just got caught up with my sweet new job, but now I’m settling into a rhythm so I’ll have the reviews done in a hopefully timely manner.


      1. Thanks, Taylor. No rush. No worries. Jobs always come first. The 3rd book comes out at Thanksgiving, so if you wait long enough you can do 1 review for all 3 by Christmas. Seriously, Taylor, just enjoy the rest of your summer, and thank you for your time!


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